Why Does My Insurance Company Raise Rates When I Have Multiple Traffic Violations on My Driving Record?

You might be wondering why does my insurance company raise rates when I have multiple traffic violations on my driving record? If so, there are some factors you should keep in mind. Generally, traffic violations can increase your insurance rates by as much as 30 percent. While certain violations are not as damaging as speeding, they still do affect your rates. If you have a clean driving record, the lower your premiums will be. local moving van lines

Non-moving traffic violations do not affect your insurance rate, but they can make you a liability. If you get into an accident, you become a liability, and that makes you more likely to file a claim. However, even moving violations can raise your insurance rate. This is especially true if the incident happened out of state. In this case, paying your ticket out of state is a convenient option.

Insurers classify traffic violations into three categories: minor, moderate, and severe. As with all types of violations, the more serious your violations are, the more your insurance premiums will be. Generally, moving violations have a high impact on your auto insurance premiums, but even the most minor violations can raise your rate. Your insurance company will look at your driving history to decide which category you fall into. Depending on the type of traffic violation, you might see an increase of up to 30 percent.

While moving violations tend to increase your insurance rate, parking tickets don't. In most states, parking tickets do not show up on your driving record. If you fail to pay your parking ticket, your insurance company may deny you vehicle registration renewal, which could cost you even more than the rate increase itself. Additionally, you might get a ticket for driving illegally. Then, there are non-moving violations. These include parking tickets, expired registrations, and broken lights.

In Missouri, speeding tickets cost between $85 and $474. Insurance companies may increase your premium by as much as 15% or as little as 25 percent. Depending on your state, however, the amount of increase depends on the severity of your infraction and the insurance company you are with. Some companies may not raise your rates even if you have several traffic violations in the last three years. Just remember that it's best to pay the extra money now to lower your rates in the long run.