Relocation Moving Insurance

Relocation moving insurance is an excellent way to protect your personal property in the event of a loss or theft. Homeowners and auto insurance policies cover moving in most cases, but may not provide the full coverage you need during the move. If you decide to drive a rental vehicle during the move, you can purchase optional collision damage waiver coverage from the rental company. It's also important to take note of any damage your movers cause as they unpack your belongings. local moving company near me

If you choose to use a professional moving company, you should ask for proof of liability insurance. Many policies do not cover the value of damaged goods or loss. Moreover, these insurance policies do not cover items that are not properly packed. For example, if you're moving a piano, you won't be covered if the box has a hole in it. Likewise, if you're storing furniture, you should inquire about storage insurance coverage.

You can choose to purchase full value protection (FVP) moving insurance to cover the full value of your personal belongings. If you've lost or damaged something that is worth more than you originally paid, full value protection covers the expense of replacing it. Fortunately, this type of insurance is not free. You can choose to pay a deductible or pay the full amount of coverage. However, you should remember that full value protection can be expensive. Make sure you ask your moving company about its coverage before signing up for the plan.

In case you don't have relocation insurance, you can choose third-party insurance coverage instead. While the latter will charge you a higher premium, it will protect your goods and property better than a free option. Moreover, third-party insurers are required by law to have a certificate of insurance. Once you get this certificate, you'll be able to move freely with confidence. If you have a vehicle and need to hire a moving company, make sure they have insurance before transporting your belongings.

A second option is to purchase full-value protection moving insurance. This type of insurance is typically less expensive than the former and costs between 1% and 2% of the value of your belongings. It covers items from paperclips to family heirlooms. Whether you're moving across the country or across town, relocation moving insurance will cover your belongings. It is also important to check with your moving company if they have full-value protection.

You can even get free insurance if the moving company you are hiring provides relocation services. This type of insurance will compensate you 60 cents per pound, which may not be much if your possessions are expensive. This option is great for college students coming home during summer break or individuals moving a few valuable items. You can also check out insurance companies' websites to compare rates and policies. When choosing your moving company, make sure you shop around to ensure that they are reputable and trustworthy.