Does Insurance Company Cover a Moving Truck?

Before renting a moving truck, you should look at the insurance policy provided by the company. It's important to note that if you're renting a big truck, your coverage options will differ from those provided by a small truck. Smaller vehicles will typically only be covered for liability, whereas large vehicles will also have collision and comprehensive coverage. To avoid wasting money on unnecessary insurance, consider purchasing additional coverage in addition to the liability policy provided by the company. local moving and packing companies owned by veterans

Most moving truck rental companies offer insurance options. U-Haul, for example, offers insurance for its rental trucks. It extends liability coverage to the truck and provides additional liability protection. While many moving truck rental companies do not require insurance, they are willing to discuss what types of accidents and supplemental coverage they provide. For example, the Safemove insurance plan excludes collision with an overhead object, cut, blown or damaged tires, and theft. Major moving truck rental companies are happy to discuss what kinds of insurance coverage they offer and the amounts they charge.

A moving truck insurance policy typically includes several types of coverage. Some of these are required, while others are optional. Collision insurance is the most common, but collision insurance can also be expensive. In many cases, damage waiver can cover the costs of repairs if an accident occurs. A damage waiver is an alternative to collision insurance and may be necessary if the truck is involved in a hit-and-run. This coverage can help protect you from a number of unexpected expenses when moving.

Another factor to consider when deciding what kind of insurance is necessary for your move is the value of the items in the moving truck. Auto or homeowners insurance policies may provide limited coverage for the contents of the moving truck. In these cases, it is best to check with your insurer before renting a moving truck. You may also want to consider supplemental insurance to pay out extra benefits in case of an accident. It is also possible to purchase insurance for the contents of a rental truck and its cargo.

Your car insurance policy may not cover moving trucks because the size and weight of the truck are considered unusual by most insurers. Your credit card company may offer you one-day car insurance that will cover damages to others. However, most personal auto policies do not cover rental vehicles, so you should call your insurance provider to confirm this. Even if you do have insurance for your vehicle, renting a moving truck is not covered under your policy.

You may be able to buy insurance for your rental truck through your auto or credit card. However, this type of coverage may not cover the contents of the rental truck. This is especially true if you have no other insurance and don't want to risk losing your precious cargo. Your credit card or auto insurance company may not cover the damages you cause to a rental truck. If this happens, you may be left with the financial burden of buying a new one and waiting for your insurer to reimburse you.