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According to only 44% of Americans, where 45% of American think moving are more stressful than a breakup. You can relate it with you if you ever fall into this situation, like moving by yourself or calling an immature moving company.

Whether it be long-distance moving or short distance, a good moving company can take your all stress. Without an expert moving company, you cannot safely shift your things. So before hiring, think twice and check their ratings and employee expertise

Wide Coverage

We can move your belongings to any place you desire. We cover wide range of area.

24/7 Customer Care

Our customer service that offers 24/7. For any query, our customer service is ready to help you!

Excellent Prices

We always try to provide quality workers at an affordable price.


Our another plus point is we always put our “customer staffs” separately. There has no chance to mix up your and others things as well. To give our customers the highest priority and service, we take a few orders simultaneously. We don't gather our work; we make promises for a quick service and fulfil it.

Besides these good characteristics of us, our rates are affordable to others. Our all staff are so expert. Years are passing, and we are becoming more experienced. Our only motive is giving our customers more priority. You can hire us at any time; You are most welcome to contact us for any kind of long-distance moving info.


The first purpose of yours to hire a long-distance moving company is shifting things that do not damage anyway. That's why our Long Distance Movers New Rochelle service pack your staff with our expert packers, and our experienced employees will manage to load or unload your items.

The next important thing about long-distance moving is transportation. We have a tremendous and skilled transportation system attached to our company. Long-distance moving is some time management system, as we ensure our customer gives a quick service, so our transportation system is as good compared to others.

Customer Online Reviews

Wanda Stanley
Wanda Stanley
They arrived very early and explained the price point and everything expected for my move quite effectively. Price mentioned in the quote was really what I paid after. I moved from a 3rd floor walk up to my current place with no problems. They were able to do the job in less than two hours. Will definitely use their service next time. Thank you.
Catherine Hughes
Catherine Hughes
The company owner and his team worked quickly and efficiently. They were communicative and professional. Would recommend! Thank you.
Milano Yellock
Milano Yellock
Movers New Rochelle provided a great quote and we're very responsive when working with my move in day and building requirements. Crew were great! Very professional. Strong guys that packed my items really well. They were efficient and did the job extremely well. They also reinstalled the TV legs and placed everything where I needed it. I'll definitely recommend them to anyone looking for movers.


Hiring professional local movers for relocation will cost anywhere between \$300 and \$1,500, depending on the size of the relocation. Long-distance movers will charge between $2,400 and $5,600 on average, depending on the size of the relocation and the distance.

The average cost of moving furniture is \$175, or between \$150 to \$200. Furniture movers charge between $88 and $100 on the low end. Prices might range between $400 and $500.

If you're planning to move into New Rochelle, hiring two movers might be worth considering. If you want to hire the right number of movers for moving your stuff from one place to another make sure you hire a local mover that knows the area.

A lot of people in New Rochelle utilizes a 26′ moving truck for their home. Renting a truck for moving purposes may be an option if you need one temporarily.

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