How Much Do Long Distance Movers Cost?

Many people ask, “How much do long distance movers cost?” The answer depends on several factors. The size of your shipment, and how many items you're transporting, will determine how much a long distance move will cost. A four-bedroom house will cost more than a one-bedroom apartment, and the more things you have to move, the more the price will increase. Generally, long distance movers will bill you per load, plus gas mileage. Different sized trucks will cost different amounts, and you should consult with the company's representatives before hiring them. local movers quote

A long distance move can be much more expensive than a local move, so ask about the different types of quotes. Some of these services offer hourly rates while others provide a non-binding, not-to-exceed estimate. A non-binding estimate, on the other hand, can change at the mover's discretion. Read customer reviews carefully and look for common concerns and patterns. Look for reviews with photos, locations, and company responses.

A moving company will usually charge you between $300 and $800 to move one piece of furniture. It may involve shipping through the U.S. Postal Service or other companies. The cost depends on the size, weight, and fragile nature of your possessions. Fragile items add to the overall cost of your move. Movers may also have to take special precautions with these items. Alternatively, they can dismantle your heavy items.

Moving costs vary by the size of your house. A studio apartment takes between two to four hours to move. A two-bedroom house may take six to eight hours. Long-distance movers charge by the weight of your possessions, as well as the distance to your new residence. If you're planning to move cross-country, the average price of a long-distance move can range anywhere from $3,560 to $7300. Remember, rates can vary based on your city and busy season.

Labor-only movers will charge between $540 and $2,000 for a two-bedroom house. Their labor will load and unload the furniture. The move itself will take four to six hours. You may need to hire additional people to help you unpack, and some of these extra people will even disassemble and reassemble furniture. These options may save you money, but they take more time. You can also choose a full-service company if you'd like all your furniture and other belongings to be handled by movers.

Moving cross-country is expensive. On average, a two-to-three-bedroom home will cost between $4,800 and $10,500. Other factors that affect the cost include total weight and packing services. If you're moving from one state to another, the cost of moving across the country is significantly higher than moving interstate. You'll also pay more for the expense if you're planning on moving your car. Fortunately, many of these services are covered by insurance.

The cost of auto shipping is usually $600 to $1,300. The amount varies, but it can add significantly to the cost of moving. Some homeowners opt to sell their cars instead of paying movers to move their car. It's also possible to save money by packing or doing other small tasks yourself. This way, you can move your home without the hassle of hiring a moving company. So, how much do long distance movers cost?