How Much Furniture Movers Charge?

If you're moving, you might be wondering how much furniture movers charge. The answer is quite a bit – a simple couch and buffet table can cost upwards of $800. But if you're moving across the country and need to transport a larger amount of furniture, you can expect to pay up to $3,500. Even just one piece of furniture may cost you upwards of $1,200. The following are a few factors that will affect your costs. local home movers near me

To get an accurate estimate of furniture moving costs, contact local moving companies. Be as specific as possible about the items that need to be moved. Be sure to specify the type, size, and material of the furniture, and the distance you need to cover. By providing wrong information, your costs could be much higher than you anticipate. To get a more accurate estimate, be sure to get a free quote from a few different moving companies.

Many moving companies have minimum fees, and some will charge based on weight. These minimums can vary, but moving one or two large pieces of furniture can cost as much as $280. Many moving companies charge by weight, so make sure you know how much you have before you start looking for a company. A pool table will likely cost around $400 to move within an apartment. The cost of moving a pool table within the same house can range from $280 to $610, depending on the size and type of equipment.

A furniture moving company can help you move your entire home or just the big pieces. Furniture movers can even assemble your furniture for you while you relax and unpack. They can do this within the same day if you need them. Using Airtasker to book a furniture assembly service is a good way to find one of these professionals, and many are willing to take any type of furniture. If you need to move large pieces of furniture, consider booking a furniture assembly service for the same day.