How Much Do Furniture Movers Make?

How much do furniture movers make? The salary of a Furniture Mover varies widely, ranging from $26,000 to $41,000 a year. While the highest earners can make as much as $41,000 a year, the average salary for this job is more likely to fall in the lower end of the range. This may vary depending on your experience and location. To learn more about the average salary for Furniture Movers, read on! local moving company prices

As with all jobs, the salary of a Furniture Mover may vary depending on where you live. In California, the average salary for Furniture Movers is $34,289 a year. The salary of a Furniture Mover in Chicago and surrounding areas is $907 above the national average. These two cities are among the top paying in the country for Furniture Mover jobs. While the salary of this position is low overall, there are a number of ways to increase your salary and earn more.

You can request a free quote from a professional moving company. Many offer quotes without any obligation. Request a quote for a free estimate today and you can get an idea of how much you can save! Make sure to be specific about what type of furniture you need to move, the material it's made of, and the distance. Incorrect information may result in higher prices. When hiring a furniture moving company, always remember to ask for a quote from multiple companies.

Before hiring a moving company, read reviews online. Bad reviews are often indicative of the attitudes of management towards employees and customers in general. If a moving company reimburses its drivers for gas, they are likely to treat their employees well. The more positive reviews there are, the better. And if the company offers good benefits for their workers, it's a win-win situation for everyone. That's how much furniture movers make in California.

The best way to save money on a moving company is to consolidate all of your heavy lifting needs. Consider hiring a moving crew if you have a lot of heavy furniture to relocate. A company that does it all can save you time and energy. If you're planning on staging, redecorating, or remodeling your home, you might need to hire several heavy lifters in order to get all of your items moved. Using a furniture moving company for this job saves you money in the long run.

Moving day can be physically and mentally draining. That's why many people hire professional furniture movers. Not only do these professionals provide traditional moving services, but they can also provide specialty services. For instance, a moving company that specializes in specialty items, such as pianos, pool tables, and safes, may be able to handle such items. You can also find moving companies online through websites like Thumbtack.