How to Use Furniture Movers

Before you hire furniture movers to move your items, you need to plan where each piece of furniture will go. Make a plan of the route in your new home, or sketch a layout of the new room. This will make sure everything ends up in the right room. If possible, tape a copy of your floor plan to walls so you won't have to worry about placing anything in the wrong room. Also, be sure to measure any doors or moulding before you hire furniture movers. local moving quotes instant

If you're moving heavy pieces of furniture, make sure you have help. Use a hand truck, four-wheel dolly, or appliance dolly if necessary. It is easiest to use a hand truck when moving heavy pieces. Make sure to strap down the pieces to avoid any damage to them and to the stairs. You should also plan to have friends or family members help you move heavy items. However, this can be risky and could end up in injuries.

To minimize damage during moving, consider purchasing a slider. Sliders are pieces of hard, durable plastic or rubber that glide over floors without damaging them. You can even purchase felt sliders if you have carpets or other soft flooring. These sliders will prevent furniture from dragging on the floor or ripping the carpet. These sliders are great for moving large, heavy pieces of furniture. If you're moving to a new home, consider buying furniture sliders to move heavy items from one place to another. These sliders are available for iPhone and Android.

When using a slider, you can wrap the edges of the furniture with the movers' wrap. You don't need to use one if the furniture is small. The pads are 72″ by 80″ in size. When using a slider, make sure you use two for larger items such as sofas, big bookcases, and big headboards. Using sliders can also protect fragile objects like mirrors and TVs. Use heavy-duty movers' wrap for additional protection.

Another option for moving small items is a hand truck. This can help you move smaller furniture such as tables and dressers. Lean the furniture against the hand truck and tilt the handle towards you. Then, wheel it around, rather than pushing it. If you have large furniture, however, be careful not to overdo it as you may have to move it on your own. Using hand trucks can cause damage if it falls over.

Hiring furniture movers can help you avoid the hassles of moving heavy items by yourself. You can hire a professional to move your heavy items for you, or you can use your friends or family. With the help of friends, moving heavy furniture can be done safely and efficiently. While you may need a friend or two to assist you, it's not recommended. If you have the time and energy, you can also hire moving equipment rentals at Home Depot.