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How Do I Find A Good Local Mover?

Check for References

One of the initial steps to take when relocating is to check for references from previous customers. Most reputable moving companies will provide them. Some of these references may be past clients, professional organizations, or insurance agents. This is a crucial step to verify the moving company’s reliability and quality of moving services. It is also useful to read customer reviews. These reviews are a great way to determine how reputable a particular company is and whether it has ever been a victim of bad service.

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Recommendations from Friends and Family

The best way to make sure you’re hiring the best mover is to get recommendations from friends and family. In addition, ask them to recommend a few movers who they have used and trust. It’s a good idea to ask about their experience and whether the movers were able to move valuable items. You may even obtain referrals from friends or relatives. When choosing a mover, be sure to ask for a business card or website. Look for the address listed under the company name. In addition, look for the license number.

Avoid Hiring Moving Brokers

Some local moving companies are not reliable or trustworthy. Avoid hiring moving brokers. These companies often masquerade as local moving outfits, but they do not actually own trucks or employ movers. These companies take a deposit and arrange a mover for you, but their chosen mover may not be the best option for you. Since these brokers usually collect a fee in advance, they won’t be interested in mediating disputes between customers and movers.

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