What Will Moving Companies Not Move?

what will moving companies not moveMoving across town or across the country can be difficult if you have certain items that moving companies won't move. These include things that are perishable, illegal, or flammable. These items can't be moved by movers. Here are some facts to help you understand.

Items movers won't move

There are certain items that movers cannot move. These items include perishables, hazardous goods, plants, and animals. These items are often not replaceable and the company will prefer to leave them at home rather than risk damaging them. If you are unable to replace your belongings, you can still file a claim for compensation. However, you should be aware of what not to move when hiring movers.

Food is one of most perishable goods. While most moving companies are willing to move items such as canned goods and spices, you should avoid moving foods in open containers. If you live in a hot climate, moving companies may not be able to move certain plants. These plants can quickly spoil.

Items that are illegal

If you're planning to move in the near future, you should understand that moving companies have their own rules and regulations regarding the items that they can and cannot move. This list can differ from one state to the next, so make sure to check with your local moving company before moving any items.

Moving companies are not able to transport certain items because they pose a security risk. These items can cause damage to your belongings and the moving truck. These items can also be flammable and can create a mess during transportation. Therefore, moving companies do their best to avoid moving hazardous items. These items include alcoholic beverages, aerosols, car batteries, cleaners, matches, nail polish, poisons, and more.

Moving companies are required by law to avoid moving certain items. While this may be inconvenient for you, it's in your best interests to avoid moving these items. Some of these items are illegal to move. Before you hire a moving company, it is important to understand the restrictions. You should request a list from your moving company of restricted items in advance to avoid this. You could end up with a box full items you cannot move.

Items that are flammable

There are many reasons moving companies can't move flammable items. This is for legal and safety reasons. These items can also cause injury and fire to truck drivers and other road users. To minimize these risks, hazardous items should be moved to a landfill or a properly managed hazardous waste dumping facility. You should also consider donating these items to local friends or family members. If you have any questions about whether certain items can be transported, contact the Environmental Protection Agency.

You must pack carefully when moving long distance. A moving company can provide a list of restricted items that you should avoid packing. These items can be found in your garage, bathroom, or household cleaning supplies. Ammunition and wax candles are also items that shouldn't be moved.

Items that are perishable

Perishable items are items that can spoil quickly or cannot be replaced. These items are not allowed to be moved by moving companies for a variety of reasons. Perishables can also cause damage to other items in the truck. These include opened or frozen food, fresh produce, and plants.

Another common mistake is thinking that a moving company will move perishable items. This is not always the case, as they cannot ensure the temperature of these items during a move. You must dispose of perishable items that are in your home before the big day.

Items that are too heavy

Moving companies have certain regulations about the items they can and cannot transport. These regulations are designed to protect their employees and the customer's cargo. It is prohibited to transport corrosive and flammable household products like gasoline, lighter fluid, or propane tanks. Aerosol cans, nail polish, and batteries are also prohibited from being transported.

Certain items may also need to be packed by movers. Certain items should be placed in boxes and wrapped in paper. These items may not need to be packed if you are moving locally. However, if you have expensive items, it's best to bring them with you.