What Usually Doubles the Cost of a Local Move?

It's not uncommon for moving companies to charge more than they originally estimated. Usually, the cost of a local move doubles over holiday or summer months. To avoid the surprise, keep track of your move date, as prices will vary during these times. Most business owners have a thirty-day time limit to give you an estimate, but if you move during these times, expect the costs to double. cross country local movers

Moving companies' hourly rates will vary depending on the size of your home, distance, and packing services. Generally, movers charge less on weekdays and weekends, and moving in the middle of the month is cheaper than at the beginning or end of the month. If you plan to move in the middle of summer, you may want to avoid booking movers during this time. Moving services charge the most during summer, so book well in advance to avoid paying more.

Using professional movers to move your household items can cost anywhere from $300 to $3,500. Long distance movers, on the other hand, charge by weight and are usually double the price of a local move. The costs for cross-country relocations are much higher than those of local moves. Often, the additional charges for a local move are the cost of packing materials, labor, and time to disassemble or reassemble furniture. Also, the extra charges you need to consider include the extra time to pack dishes, heirlooms, and other special packing materials.