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What to Pack Before the Movers Come?

What to Do Before Movers Arrive How to Prepare for Professional Movers

Before the movers arrive, organize all your belongings and label them. Take away furniture, personal items, as well as any items that could be dangerous. Be sure to label them. If you are moving by yourself, arrange your belongings by room. If you’re using movers, organize your things by room. Important documents and photos should be backed up. Label your belongings and place them in plastic bags.

What to pack before the movers come

Sort out Your Belongings and Decide Their Fate

First, pick one room in your house that you will leave empty. Leave the rest of the home empty. This is the no-packing zone. The packers will need to know that the room will remain empty after the move. This will prevent any miscommunications between you and your movers. Once you have marked the space, you can call the movers. They’ll arrive shortly.

Make a Full Inventory of the Things You’ll Be Handing Over to the Moving Company.

Next, start packing. Next, gather plastic boxes, cardboard boxes, tissue paper, and bubble wrap. Disassemble any furniture that needs disassembly. Make sure to empty all drawers from closets and dressers. Movers can’t reach these areas if they aren’t empty. Before you leave your mirrors, wrap them in bubble wrap or duct tape. More importantly, always find movers near me that are available to help you.

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