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What Items Will Movers Not Take?

Hazardous Household Items

The most obvious question that you will probably have in mind is, “What can’t movers take?” Well, there are certain things that can’t be moved, but they’re common enough. Some items, like gasoline, kerosene, and lighter fluid, are unsafe to transport. You’ll have to find a way to move these items yourself or get rid of them yourself.

What items will movers not take

Flammables Explosives

The mover cannot transport explosives or dangerous goods. Pets and plants aren’t allowed because they can cause harm. The company will not move any hazardous materials. You will need to either transport your pet yourself or hire a pet shipping company. And of course, you won’t be able to pack or move them yourself if you have pets.

Why Movers Won’t Move These Certain Items

Perishable or hazardous items and materials cannot be moved by moving companies. However, they can move other items. These are obvious ones, like guns or loaded ammunition. Some moving companies don’t pack certain items, but you need to know the rules. For example, they won’t take refrigerators, propane tanks, or anything that has been exposed to extreme temperatures. You should also check the temperature in the area you are moving to. Extremely high or low temperatures can cause damage.

Prohibited Items

When packing your home, you may have to keep in mind some items that you shouldn’t move. These items could be dangerous or irreplaceable. When you hire Affordable Moving Companies New Rochelle you should also be informed about the prohibited items. Some of them have a specific list of prohibited items. When you hire a moving company, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your items will arrive safely and on time. They are also trusted by their professional approach, which will make them one of the most trusted in this industry.

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