What Should You Not Move Long Distance?

When you're moving long distance, you need to prioritize what you should not take with you. You'll need to pack fragile items carefully to ensure that they arrive at their new home in good condition. Bubble wrap, old t-shirts, and paper can be used to pack your belongings. This will help keep your belongings organized and ensure that your movers take special care of them. Here are a few other things you shouldn't move long distance. long distance moving hacks

Don't take perishable foods with you. If you're moving within 24 hours, perishable food can be transported. However, long-distance movers generally do not allow it. It also attracts pests. Hence, moving perishable food can be risky. To avoid problems with spoiled food, make sure you pack it properly. You should also ensure that the boxes you move have labels and include a contact number.

Don't pack dangerous items. Most movers will not transport anything that could cause a fire. This means that you cannot transport any weapons, ammunition, lighter fluid, propellants, or souvenir explosives. Also, don't move charcoal. These items are likely to be destroyed in the move. If you're planning to move a long distance, check with your movers for their list of prohibited items.