What to Do When the Movers Don’t Deliver Your Belongings

What to do if the movers don't deliver your belongings? Here are some tips for dealing with this situation. You may have already signed an agreement for a move, but were concerned that the movers wouldn't deliver your possessions. If this is the case, you may have signed a contract that gave them a 21-day window. During that time, your family was forced to sleep on the floor, and the movers demanded a hundred dollars upfront before unloading. best local moving company in ny area

Leticia filed a complaint with Prof Moves and told them that she wasn't satisfied with the service, so she packed her belongings herself. The movers charged her $1,200 for packing materials, and she paid them using her Zelle app. However, when the movers were supposed to deliver her possessions, the truck never arrived. She ended up sleeping on the floor of her new apartment for three weeks. After that, she filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and paid $3,950 for the move.