what not to move long distance

What Not to Move When Moving Long Distance

There are many things to keep in mind when moving long distance. Long distance movers cannot take perishable items, including most food and beverages. However, canned goods and unopened containers of stored food can be moved. If you can, stop shopping for perishables several weeks before the move. You should also avoid bringing plants, as they are bound by agricultural laws. Listed below are the top three things to keep in mind before moving long distance. long distancenew rochelle movers

Packing supplies. Packing supplies for the move can be a challenge, but movers are there to help. Most moving companies carry a list of what they don't take. Some of the most commonly prohibited items are cleaning supplies and gasoline. Others aren't so obvious, such as indoor plants and wax candles. Using packing supplies before moving day can save you time later. Make sure you plan ahead and have time to sort through items.

Perishables. Moving plants can become spoiled quickly if they are packed incorrectly. Also, perishable foods should be wrapped tightly to avoid spoilage. House plants are often included in lists of “what not to move.” But this doesn't mean that you can't move your houseplants – at least if you're moving from state to state. If you have specific plants that need to be transported, talk to the moving company before the move to learn whether they can be safely moved.

Avoid moving high-value items. High-value items can be anything from expensive jewelry and collectible art to sentimental belongings. Even your valuable baseball card collection can be dangerous or incompatible with interstate movers. Make sure to include full value protection for these items. A 1969 Reggie Jackson card, for example, is worth more than $115,000! If you have a valuable collection of these cards, you should consider giving them to charity.

Make sure you know what documents you need to change. Changing address means you must update your information in many places, and moving long distance makes this task even more complicated. You may also need to change your driver's license or vehicle registration. Research the documents you need before the move and make sure they will be valid for long distance driving. These are just a few of the most important things to keep in mind. If you're unsure of any of these, hire a long distance moving company.

The time frame for moving long distance can vary from one to twenty-one days. Long distance movers often use a mileage table to estimate the amount of time it will take. Generally, delivery starts from the date you accept the estimate. If you accept the estimate, the first day they are available will be listed as the “first available date.”

While packing long distance, keep in mind that it could take weeks, so try to plan ahead. Make an inventory list of your belongings before hiring long distance movers. Use a notebook or an app to record your belongings. Be sure to label each box with the room and contents. This will make the unpacking process easier and save you time. And remember to make sure you have enough packing materials to handle the job.