Should You Empty Your Dresser When Moving?

If you're planning to move, you may be wondering if you should empty your dresser. There are many reasons for this, but the primary reason is to save space. Clothes are light and soft, so they won't damage the dresser's wood or put too much stress on its hinges. Additionally, most clothes won't weigh much, so there's no need to remove them. long distance furniture moving companies

When moving, it's best to empty your dresser, especially if it has many drawers. This is easier to do if you're moving a short distance, but it may not be ideal if you have a long journey ahead. Empty drawers are also safer if you're moving to a new location. Moving with full drawers can also stress delicate furniture, which might break in transit.

It is also better to remove any heavy or fragile items, such as CDs or pens, and wrap them carefully. Keeping these items in drawers will only cause problems with the move itself, especially when the dresser isn't properly secured. Similarly, you shouldn't pack small items in drawers – they could fall and hurt yourself or other people. Instead, you should wrap the items in protective wrapping and put them in separate boxes.

Moving with your dresser is easier if it's empty. Empty drawers make it easier to maneuver and reduce the risk of damage. Empty drawers also allow movers to load the dresser more efficiently. If you do leave your drawers full, however, you should pack them in bags, cardboard boxes, or trolleys instead. In addition to packing your clothes, you should consider taking down all of your dresser's accessories, such as your tiaras.

Although you may not have to empty your dresser when moving, it is advisable to pack it entirely. It is more difficult to move a dresser with a full load. Moreover, it is risky to move it if it's fully loaded. Professional movers have the strength and equipment to move heavy objects. Therefore, they can recommend you the best way to pack your dresser. They can pack it for you or help you move it.

If you're moving dressers that contain contents, it is important to secure them well. Moving dressers with full drawers is a challenging task. Make sure you wrap them securely with a moving blanket to protect them. Once they are packed, make sure to put packing tape over each drawer. This way, your drawers will survive the move. If you don't have the time or resources, consider hiring a professional mover to help you.

A heavy-duty moving crew may be able to remove the drawers for you. However, this could lead to damaged drawers or lost items. Instead, spend more time packing your things into boxes. Make sure you hire a professional moving company, which should have protective blankets and quilts to cover the furniture during transportation. It's also essential to consider how much space you have to pack your dresser before moving.