How Do I Keep My Drawers Shutting When I Move?

If you are moving, you might be wondering how to keep your drawers closed while moving. Over-packing your drawers can cause them to open by themselves or slide out. There are a couple of simple solutions to this problem. The first is to tighten the drawer glides. If you can't do that, you can wiggle them until the bubble on the level is centered and then tighten them to maintain the proper position. cheapest cross country movers

Another way to prevent drawers from opening during a move is to wrap them in furniture blankets or stretch wrap. These materials won't damage the delicate finish of your furniture, but they can immobilize the drawers. Make sure to label the piece and make sure you wrap each drawer separately before moving it. Also, make sure that you label all pieces of furniture, especially dressers. Then, use the protective covers and tape them shut.

Before moving, fill the cabinet with lockable drawers. This way, you will have an easy place to keep your papers safe. Another solution is to tape closed drawers with painter's tape. Make sure to use non-stick tape if possible. This way, you won't scratch the surface of the furniture. This way, you won't have to worry about damaging the finish of your furniture.

When packing your furniture drawers, remember to remove any heavy items before the move. While light-weight items should be placed in sturdy drawers, heavy objects should be removed. Then, pack them in sturdy plastic bins. Cardboard boxes can break easily if they are overloaded. To make things easier for movers, pack heavy items in multiple containers and label them. This will prevent the drawers from opening during the move.