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Mayflower Vanline Review

Whether you're moving across town or relocating from state to state, Mayflower is a great choice. This national moving company has earned the 2019 Fleet Safety Award from the American Moving and Storage Association. Mayflower's service includes a range of optional extras and amenities, including specialty item moving, packing, electronics installation, and online shipment tracking. In addition to moving services, Mayflower also provides Full Value Protection, which includes your belongings' full replacement value. This insurance is included in your quote, but you can choose to add it to the package at a later date. full service movers long distance

While Mayflower does not provide moving services locally, it can refer you to a local moving company. However, long-distance moves are more complicated and regulated than local moves. Companies that transfer goods across state lines are required to obtain special authority from federal regulators, as well as carry specific insurance policies. These costs may be a deal breaker for some customers, but for those who need all the bells and whistles, Mayflower may be a worthwhile option.

Mayflower provides many standard moving services. In addition to long-distance moving, they also offer intrastate moves, as well as international moves to over 150 countries. Mayflower offers pre-move planning, vehicle shipping, and debris removal services if needed. In addition to handling long-distance moves, Mayflower also provides intrastate moves, and offers Snapmoves, a program for small-scale moves. This program includes Full Value Protection, guaranteed move dates, and other benefits.

Mayflower offers Full Value Protection for their customers, which is included automatically in their basic quote. Full Value Protection is calculated by multiplying the estimated weight of your shipment by $6 per pound. This type of protection is more comprehensive than the minimum liability valuation plan. While this option may be inadequate for most shipments, it is still better than nothing. The benefits of Full Value Protection are well worth the additional cost. And, since it is free, it's also a good option for some people.

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Moving quotes from Mayflower are easy to request online. Prices depend on the size of your home, the distance to your new home, and the weight of your possessions. Mayflower provides instant quotes online, but many other movers don't. You may have to schedule a virtual or in-home walk-through before receiving a quote. Therefore, you should always gather multiple moving quotes before making your final decision. Moreover, Mayflower is owned by UniGroup, the company behind United Van Lines. Therefore, its online moving quote tool is similar to United Van Lines'.