Long Distance Moving Companies Rated The Best

When you are planning a move across the country, long distance moving companies can be an invaluable resource. These companies are licensed and qualified to move you anywhere in the country, and they should be able to provide you with excellent customer service and an easy-to-understand rate estimate. Here are some tips for selecting the best long distance moving company. A good long distance moving company will have the following traits: best moving company reviews for long distance move

Price: When deciding which long distance moving company to hire, keep in mind that lower quotes do not necessarily mean better service. In some cases, companies that quote too low will hold your belongings and require additional payment. To avoid this problem, choose a company within a reasonable price range that offers solid customer service and a wide service area. The companies listed in our long distance moving companies rated the best meet these standards.

Service level: If you need more services than the basic package, you can hire a full-service company. International Van Lines is a top choice when it comes to long distance moving. They specialize in nationwide long distance relocation services and offer a comprehensive range of add-ons for the entire process, from vehicle transport to short and long-term storage. IVL also offers packing services for delicate and expensive items.

North American Moving Company: The North American Moving Company started in 1945 with a move between Michigan and Ohio. Since then, the company has grown into a global behemoth with more than 4,000 agents nationwide and overseas. Its extensive network of delegates across the United States and Canada has paved the way for successful moving services for its customers. With a history of over 90 years and a network of prestigious international partners, the company has earned a place in long distance moving companies.

Pricing: The cost of moving is never set in stone. It depends on many factors, including the distance and pricing structure of the company. For example, moving 600 miles can cost anywhere from $8000 to $10,000. This includes the cost of packing materials, loading and unloading services, two professional movers, and gasoline. Some companies even charge more for moves in the summer and holidays. However, the costs involved are worth it.

Customer satisfaction: The number of satisfied customers based on the number of online reviews is another indicator of a good long distance moving company. Allied Van Lines have high customer satisfaction ratings. Many online reviews have praised the company's expert handling of household items, but dissatisfied customers cite lack of communication during transport. A third self-service moving company on this list, 1-800-PACK-RAT, offers storage solutions as well as a variety of moving container sizes.

Mayflower Transit: United Van Lines is another long distance moving company ranked among the best. Their full-service approach offers unique services to its customers, but their customer service is not always accessible. Their online portal houses contract forms, checklists, and tracking. There are no deposit requirements and no cancellation fees if you're not ready to move yet. You can request a free quote before confirming the move.