Is a Moving Company Liable for Damage to Furniture?

If you have been wondering whether a moving company is responsible for damage to your furniture, read on to learn about your options. The first step is to determine what exactly is covered under liability insurance. This insurance will reimburse you for the cost of damages. Most liability insurance is based on the weight of the shipment, multiplied by a set amount per pound. If you have a large, expensive piece of furniture, for example, liability insurance may only cover a quarter of the price. best local moving companies yelp

The next step is to report the damages to the moving company. You can do this by calling them and reporting the damage as soon as possible. The sooner you report the damage to the moving company, the better your chances are of getting compensated. But be sure to be firm about the damage. Even if the movers deny that there was damage, keep a copy of your complaint. If you are moving without insurance, you will need to be persistent to get reimbursed.

You can also file a claim if you are dissatisfied with the service you received. You should file a claim within nine months of the move date to get your claim settled or denied. If the moving company does not respond to your claim within nine months, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or file a small claims court case. But before you file a lawsuit, it is necessary to understand the legal framework around a moving company's responsibility to you and your furniture.

If the damages are too large to be resolved through a mediation, you can file a claim through the Canadian Association of Movers. Although they do not have the power to enforce a resolution, the Canadian Association of Movers will help you pursue your claim. If you are dissatisfied with the moving company's services, the association will help you resolve the issue. The association will help you to get the compensation you deserve.

Before hiring a moving company, make an inventory of your belongings and take photographs of all large pieces of furniture. Then, make sure you know the exact condition of the pieces before moving day. Make sure you fill out an extensive claim report, including clear photos of before and after the move. If necessary, keep receipts and other proofs of purchase. If possible, document everything. You will be better protected if you can prove what happened to your furniture.

Before the moving trucks leave, make sure you check the furniture one last time. By doing so, you will avoid a lot of stress and unnecessary hassles later on. If you find any damage during the move, be sure to contact the moving team leader immediately so they can help you with any questions you have. Remember that there is a deadline for filing a claim. So, make sure you start with the most delicate items first.