How to Pack Bedding and Pillows For Moving

Packing pillows and bedding is a tricky task, as these items take up a lot of space. This means that it is best to use large boxes, as smaller boxes are not sturdy enough to hold bedding. Also, avoid packing all your bedding in one box as you will not be able to lift it. Moreover, make sure that the bedding is 100% dry before packing. If it is not, then you can hang it up in the open in direct sunlight, or use a hair dryer to dry it out. local movers moveon moving

Before you begin packing, make sure you have a plan for dealing with the bedding you have. You may not have time to launder all your bedding before you move, so you’ll need to prepare a way to do so. Instead, strip your bedding and place it in a big trash bag with a label. Then, deal with the laundry after you’ve moved. It’s a good idea to purchase extra bags for storing your linens, so that you can easily unpack them.

Another important thing to know when packing your bedding is to consider the size of your bedding. Pillows don’t tend to be fragile, but their volume means that they need a lot of space. You can make use of vacuum seal bags to compress the volume of pillows. You should also pack them separately, if possible, and make sure to mark the boxes accordingly. After all, packing your bedding and pillows properly will ensure a good night’s sleep at your new home.

After you’ve packed your items, label them accordingly. Write the label on each box with room contents. You can also write a brief description on each box to help the moving crew identify which box holds what items. For instance, you should label the boxes with primary bedroom pillows, children’s bedding, living room pillows, and so on. By doing this, you’ll make it easier to find what you’re looking for later on.

The next important thing to know about packing bedding and pillows is the weight of the items. Bed linen is heavy and can easily fall over the couch while the other things are moving. However, this is not the case with pillows, which can easily be packed in empty drawers. You can also make use of drawers underneath the bed. This way, you won’t have to worry about extra weight when moving. Just keep in mind that pillows and bedding must be carefully wrapped in order to avoid moisture.

Bedding can be easily packed by folding and stacking them in a box or bag. You can also place packing paper inside the boxes. This way, you can protect them from dust and other harmful materials. Just remember not to put too much packing paper as you can use it later. So, don’t wait for the move to start. Packing your pillows is easier than ever before. Keep reading for more information.