How to Pack YP Blankets and Pillows For Moving

If you're planning to move, you'll likely want to take along your yp blankets and pillows. You can do so by following a few simple steps. Make sure you wash and dry your bedding before you pack it, and make sure you keep it dry, too. Then, use a sturdy cardboard box to place your bedding in. Line the box with packing paper, then layer your bedding on top. Last, label the box with a marker pen. how much does it cost for local movers

If you're going to be moving with your bedding, be sure to use small boxes for light blankets and pillows, and larger boxes for heavier ones, such as comforters. Make sure you have enough cushioning, since additional padding will reduce space and add extra weight to the box. Additionally, soft goods don't need protection from road hazards, so you don't need to use plastic bags to wrap them.

If you can't afford bubble-wrapped blankets and pillows, you can use packing paper to wrap them in. You can place it along the sides and bottom of the box. This will prevent dust from settling in. If you don't have a bubble-wrapper or packing paper, you can use thick towels or bedsheets as filler. Then, fold them neatly and stack them in a medium-sized cardboard box.

Using a black marker to label large boxes with pillows is another smart idea. These will make it easier to identify the pillow when unpacking them at your new home. The pillows will be one of the first things you unpack after moving to your new place. In general, pillows are lightweight and are best packed in chests of drawers that belong to bedrooms. In this way, they will stay separate.

Remember to deal with the bedding you're currently using. If you don't have time to launder your bedding, you may not want to take the trouble. Instead, strip your beds and place the bedding in a trash bag. Once you have emptied the bag, you can take care of laundry after your move. Make sure you label each box clearly so that you can find what you need later.

Another tip when packing your YP blankets and pillows is to wrap them in plastic bags. These are durable and reusable, so you can save them for future moves. These bags are especially useful for packing large pillows, since they're easy to open. You can also use them to wrap other items. These moving bags are inexpensive, versatile, and durable. They also hold several pillows and are convenient to transport.

Next, you should wrap your pillows. Use clean packing paper to wrap your pillows before packing them. Make sure to put clean packing paper on the bottom of the boxes and secure them with packing tape. Once the bedding is 100% dry, place the pillows on top of the paper and close the box. Once the boxes are sealed, unwrap them carefully. You can also wrap small pillows in bureau drawers.