How to Move a Couch Without a Moving Company

Trying to figure out how to move a couch without a professional moving company? Thankfully, there are several ways to move a couch yourself. Read on for some tips and tricks to make moving a couch as easy as possible. You may even be able to save money by not needing to hire a moving company at all! Here are some tips to make the process easier. Don't forget to label each piece before moving. best movers local

Get a furniture dolly, a short, flat platform with wheels on the bottom. This tool is great for moving large items such as couches. You need two of these to properly move a couch. Place one end on each dolly and roll it into the truck, allowing it to balance evenly. Next, remove the tie-down straps from each end of the couch. Once you've successfully moved the couch onto the dolly, simply lift one end, slide it over the other, and position it for safe transit.

Measure the space in which the couch will be placed. You'll need to determine the height and width of any openings. Take a quick look at the measurements, and you'll have a better idea of how much room the couch will take up. Once you've figured out how much space the couch will take up, there are a few tricks to help you avoid the trouble. But before you start, be sure to read this article carefully to get the job done!

To protect the upholstery, wrap the couch in plastic wrap or a thick plastic. You can also wrap the couch with old sheets and tape them to its legs. Once wrapped, place these pieces inside the large garbage bag. Ensure that you wrap the couch tightly. Then, simply tie the pieces together with rope. You can do it! This method is very simple, but requires communication and coordination on your part.

Be sure to protect the couch's upholstery before moving it. If there are any loose pillows or armrests, take them off and wrap the couch in plastic wrap. Don't forget to secure the loose ends with tape. Ensure that there are no gaps, as they can tear the upholstery. In some cases, you may need to use a doorway to move the couch. If you don't have the means to do this, hire a moving company instead.

Depending on the weight of the couch, you may be able to lift it yourself. A lightweight sofa can be moved easily by two people, but a larger sectional can take four people to lift. Before lifting, recruit friends and family to help you move the couch. When moving a couch, be sure to cover it with stretch wrap or moving blankets to protect the fabric. You may also want to remove any throw pillows.

You can hire reinforcements to help you with the couch move if necessary. Consider posting a job on a website like Thumbtack to find movers who are willing to do this work for you. Having a few extra hands will make the whole process easier and save you money on hiring a moving company. A couch move can be a challenge, but if you are determined and are willing to accept a little help, it's definitely worth it.