How Much to Tip Cross Country Movers

If you're moving across country, you may wonder how much to tip your cross country movers. While you should always give a tip for good service, you don't necessarily have to leave a large sum of money. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind. Although there is no standard tip amount, it's appropriate to leave a few dollars to acknowledge the movers' hard work. When in doubt, use a guideline like ten percent of the cost of the move to give the movers a gratuity.  long distance moving advice

You can also give higher tips if you feel that your cross country movers performed outstanding work. For example, you may have to pay them more to move heavy possessions, while you could tip higher if they used special equipment. You may also want to consider tipping the unloading and loading crews. This is particularly helpful if you have an especially long move. If you're unsure of how much to tip, it's always good to ask.

If you're moving cross country, you're probably going to have two separate crews. However, you don't have to tip each crew separately. If you're not satisfied with the crew, don't feel pressured to tip. It's perfectly acceptable to tip each crew separately. If your cross country move is from NYC to SF, you probably won't have one crew – which is why you should tip all the crews separately.