What is an Appropriate Tip For Local Movers?

While you should tip your local movers when they are providing excellent service, you should also consider how much you can spare for extra work. While the average bartender is likely not likely to receive a tip as high as you would expect, your local movers are working hard and should be rewarded accordingly. Your tip should also reflect how much you appreciate the extra help and time the movers have spent in getting your things to your new location. best local movers reviews

If you have moved locally, you should tip your local movers around the $6-$7 mark per mover. If you have hired an exceptional moving company, you may want to tip around $7 to $8 per mover per hour. However, if you have hired a long-distance moving company, it is common to use more than one crew, so you should tip them separately. If you hire movers to help you move across the country, you should consider tipping them separately for their work.

While tipping movers isn't always necessary, it's good to remember that the size of your tip should reflect the quality of service. The time of the move is another consideration, since long-distance moves may take several days. Similarly, you should consider the attitude of the movers, as it might influence the tip you leave. If the movers show up on time and do a good job, you should be able to give them a bigger tip. If, on the other hand, the movers are late or careless, you should tip less.

Another way to show your gratitude is to provide snacks and refreshments. You can offer coffee or tea, depending on the time of day, and water in the summer. If the move takes longer than you expected, you might even want to provide snacks. But, the mover should never be tempted to accept beer or soda, as it's not professional and could cause more damage. Nevertheless, it's nice to leave a little hint of tip, which may lift their spirits.

There's no universal tipping formula for movers, but there's a general rule: you should leave anywhere from 10% to 20% of the total moving price. This figure should be divided among the entire crew, rather than being per person. If you're hiring local movers, however, you can afford to tip a bit more if the move requires a lot of packing and difficult items. If your local movers are careful, they will do their best to provide you with exceptional service.

Although tipping movers is not required, it's still an appropriate way to show gratitude for their hard work. A general tip of $15 to $30 per crew member is the standard for smaller local moves, while a tip of $50 or more per crew member is standard for cross-country movers. The tip should be spread evenly among the crew members and should cover their costs. If you're not sure how much to tip, consider hiring a mover who has an excellent reputation.