How Much Does it Cost to Move 10 Pieces of Furniture?

Moving a couch from one apartment to another can be an expensive proposition. Moving a single piece of furniture can run from $200 to $610, depending on its size, weight, and distance. Local movers can easily transport a small sofa at a lower cost than an entire 5-piece sectional. Moving a loveseat and sofa together is even more expensive, as they tend to weigh more than two hundred pounds each. However, the cost of moving a loveseat and sofa will run you between $200 and $350. A typical loveseat or sofa weighs about two hundred and thirty pounds. For this reason, the cost of moving these items can rise quickly. moving across country movers

Moving supplies cost between $150 and $800. For a two-bedroom apartment, the cost of moving supplies will range from $350-620. It may be lower or higher, depending on the contents and size of your home. Moving supplies include boxes of various sizes, stretch wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and book, glass, and dish boxes. Tape dispensers are also an integral part of your move.

When hiring movers, you should get estimates for the entire job early on. This way, you can begin gathering supplies and preparing for your move. Moving heavy items and large furniture requires professional help. Ask for quotes from several companies, and don't settle for the lowest quote. Instead, choose a company with a proven track record and a high quality of work. If you don't have the time to pack and unpack the furniture yourself, hiring movers is definitely worth the investment.