How many people move to New York every day?

The question of how many people move to New York each day is often asked. New York City has nearly 900,000 people, but only three percent move out of the city. The vast majority of those people move to Manhattan, Queens, or upstate New York. However, there are a small number of people who originally come from Chicago, Boston, or Washington, DC. So where do these people go? cross country moving options

According to a recent study from real estate website StreetEasy, over 264,000 people moved to New York last year. About 35 percent of new residents came from outside the U.S.; 65 percent were from the city itself. And a large majority were young adults. But while young adults make up the majority of new residents, retirees are not far behind. Forty percent of people who move to New York come from out-of-state, while just six percent are over sixty.

According to the census, more people than died in the tri-state area, which includes New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island. The trend isn't just in New York – other metropolitan areas, including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., are seeing significant population losses, as well. Those in the tri-state area are mainly moving to and from states like California and Texas.

The recent census also shows that Manhattan experienced an influx of residents, although there were fewer people in the city. The census found that Manhattan lost the equivalent of a small city during the last decade, but there was a steady increase in the number of people in neighborhoods where the population dwindled the most. This influx, while not unprecedented, has been especially noticeable in the neighborhoods where the highest percentage of new residents came from.