Moving People

The concept of Moving People is akin to a dance performance, but the performers are not puppets. They are real people who have moved from one place to another, and they act out scenes that the audience members and special guests move as they perform. One notable example of moving people is Drew Carey's Green Screen Show, in which he performed in a green bodysuit chroma-keyed to blend in with the background animation.  long distance moving insurance

Moving rates have fallen in America significantly since the 1940s, when one in five Americans moved each year. Mobility rates have been declining since the mid-1980s, especially among young adults. Millennials have been the most likely group to move, although all age groups have been decreasing as well. Interstate migration rates, meanwhile, have decreased considerably and stabilized since 2010.

If the students have the opportunity, they can take a poll to determine their migration history. After completing the poll, students can analyze the pros and cons of moving to a new place. For instance, students can discuss whether they would move to a different place because of the job opportunities or natural resources there. After they have done that, they can analyze specific examples of migratory species. Then, they can match various animals to specific types of migration.