How Do Moving Companies Send Out Order For Service Forms?

How do moving companies send out order for service forms? In general, they will ask for the individual shipper's name, fax number, and address. Then, the company will send notifications via fax, certified mail, overnight courier, or e-mail. The individual must also provide any additional information they may need to complete the form. In some cases, the moving company will send these forms by e-mail. local moving companies price comparison

The Order for Service form is an important legal document that all movers must fill out before transporting a shipment. It confirms the services you have requested and the dates you agreed on. It also outlines any special requests you may have, such as extra stops, storing your goods in self-storage, or waiting for a car to arrive. The document will also contain your contact information so you can make any necessary changes or cancellations.

The form is important to complete and should contain all pertinent information, including the weight, mileage, and value of the shipment. It also should include any extra costs you may incur for packing, crating, valuation, coverage, and extra labor. The customer should also read the terms of service and retain copies of all documents. Finally, it is important to understand the liability of the moving company. You should also ask about additional coverage, if applicable.

In addition to the order for service form, many moving companies also provide a bill of lading and an estimate of the cost of moving. These documents include details about the moving estimate, the pick-up and delivery dates, and any special services that you may require. Then, the moving company will send you a copy of the order for service for each move. Finally, they must include a copy of the order for service form in the Bill of Lading contract.

A moving contract is an important contract between the mover and the customer. It includes the mover's name, address, and telephone number, the agreed upon pickup and delivery dates, and the timeframe for the move. The contract should also contain any penalty provisions or per diem requirements. If you need to cancel the move, the moving company must provide a written notice. It is important that the customer receives the order for service form as soon as possible, otherwise they may be charged more than the agreed amount.

Once you have signed and returned the order for service form, the moving company will contact you 24 hours before delivery. The company will assign a customer service representative to your account and keep you informed about the shipping date. They will also provide you with the contact information of a customer service representative. In addition to your primary contact, the moving company will use this number to track your shipment and give you an update about the delivery date.

Before the moving company begins, the customer should read the Bill of Lading carefully. This is a legal contract between the mover and customer, and should be matched exactly. The Bill of Lading will include the mover's name, address, and USDOT number, and is an important document. When signing the Bill of Lading, make sure the customer reads it carefully and agrees to the terms and conditions.