How do I pack my TV for moving?

How do I pack my television for moving? This article will provide some packing tips for your beloved television. First, cover it with bubble wrap, a thin piece of cardboard, or furniture blanket. Alternatively, you can use a layer of bubble wrap, ensuring that the wrap does not touch the TV's casing. Be sure to secure the blanket to the television with tape. Do not leave any loose pieces of the blanket on the screen. long distance bbb

Before you pack your television for moving, make sure to label all cords with their names and colors. Likewise, take a picture of the back of your television and label it accordingly. Also, you should write the name of each cord in a marker or masking tape so that you can identify it later. If you do not know the names of the wires, take a photo of the back of the television to remember how to plug it in properly.

Once you have the box and the furniture pad, it is time to put your television inside. Place the television inside the inner section of the box, making sure that the outer part covers the exposed end of the TV. After that, wrap it in Mover's Wrap. You may need to ask for extra hands. When it's time to pack the TV, remember to use soft padding on the bottom and sides of the box.