Are Movers Working Right Now?

You've probably asked yourself: Are movers working right now? You should, and the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Many major moving companies aren't currently shutting down, although this decision may be up to individual franchise owners. Even if your move isn't yet scheduled, you should assume your company is working right now. If you're unsure, contact your chosen company to confirm. However, don't panic. You can still contact them and get an estimate on the cost of their services. Here are some helpful tips on how to find out if your moving company is open right now. cheap local moving companies near me

Most moving companies operate on weekends. If you're moving on the weekend, it's likely that they'll be less busy, which can make the move less stressful. Weekend moves also mean less preparation time and better access to utilities. And if you're moving out of state during the storm, hiring movers on weekends will keep your move on schedule, giving you more time to prepare. And while they may be a little more expensive, they'll be there to help you move out in a hurry.

A lack of truck drivers is one of the biggest problems facing moving companies. According to a recent survey by the National Moving and Storage Association, more than two-thirds of moving companies are struggling with the shortage. It's not only the physical labor involved in driving trucks, but the supply chain issues caused by the shortage of truck parts. Additionally, COVID regulations can make it difficult to transport equipment from one state to another.

As with any moving company, sanitation is important. They must use protective equipment, which includes masks and a variety of safety gear. In addition to their own sanitizing supplies, moving companies must provide their crews with paper towels and masks for the duration of the move. And while a few sanitizers won't hurt, some essential cleaning supplies aren't easy to find, so make sure the moving company is stocked with them before the move.

Moving can be stressful and exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. Before hiring movers, it's worth researching moving companies in your area. See if you can get referrals from friends who have recently moved. If you're unsure which companies are right for you, take a look at online reviews and ask friends who used them for recommendations. The more reviews and testimonials you can find, the better quality moving company is likely to provide high-quality movers.

Another way to save money and time is to pack your own items. Packing boxes yourself can make the move easier and cheaper, and experts recommend packing everything yourself. Packing boxes yourself can also save money and time, and it's always a good idea to label the contents of boxes to avoid any cross-contamination of the boxes. The movers will be touching your items during the move, so take precautions and wrap furniture yourself to protect it from being contaminated by viruses.