Will Movers Move Shampoo?

If you're moving, you're probably wondering, “Will movers move shampoo?”. After all, shampoo isn't something that movers will usually handle. They'll be more likely to pack your toilet paper, toothbrushes, and other bathroom necessities in their boxes. But you might be worried that the movers won't be able to handle your shampoo and conditioner. Don't worry, however, because there are ways to protect them during the move. cross country long distance movers reviews

First, consider what type of packaging you use. Dry products like shampoo and conditioner should be packed in their own small boxes or toiletry bags, while liquids should be placed in travel organizers or zip-top baggies. If you're packing liquids, make sure to cover them with plastic wrap or place them in zip-top baggies with secure lids. Liquids are especially expensive to ship and often end up spilling during transportation. For that reason, you may want to donate them instead of packing them yourself.