Why Some Moving Company No Longer Offer Services to Police

If you've ever wondered why some moving companies no longer provide services to the police, you're not alone. In Canada, a recent investigation by the CBC's Marketplace exposed a pattern of widespread fraud involving moving companies, resulting in the arrest of two key figures. The Toronto police raided a Scarborough address, recovering many of the company's customers' belongings. While the police were able to recover some of the items, those who didn't want to move were forced to pay inflated prices. how long do long distance movers take

After receiving complaints from customers, the Canadian Association of Movers has begun to investigate alleged scams. Though the association isn't affiliated with the Marketplace investigation companies, it maintains rigorous certification standards and a complaint process that includes a formal warning. In June 2021, the association issued a statement regarding the companies that conduct these illegal operations. The association is working to return stolen items to customers and enforcing consumer protection laws.