What to Do When a Moving Company Loses Your Stuff

what to do when a moving company loses your stuffYou will need to file a claim if your moving company misplaces or damages your belongings during the move. A good moving company will also help you document the damage or loss and document the delivery of the items. If an item is damaged, the company should reimburse you for the value of the item. Even if the company doesn't reimburse you for the entire value of your possessions you can still save any pieces that are still in good condition.

How to document your belongings

If a moving company loses or damages your stuff, you can try to get it back by making a detailed inventory of all your possessions. The inventory should include information about the item's condition, their monetary value, receipts, and credit card statements. Photos and videos of your items are also recommended. If the moving company is unable to locate your items, this will prove damages.

In addition to documenting the condition of your possessions, it is essential to ensure that your stuff was properly packed. Before loading your home, your local moving company will typically take inventory of your belongings. The mover will walk through your home and place a number sticker on each item. The mover will then describe the condition of each item in writing. You should verify that the description is accurate. If not, ask for clarification. Keeping an inventory of your belongings is an important step in filing an insurance claim, and your mover will document it on the inventory list.

How to calculate the value of your items

If a moving company loses your stuff, you can try to estimate its value. To claim more than a few hundred dollars, you may have to pay a high-deductible. In such a case, it is best to purchase moving insurance in order to protect your stuff.

The value of your items can be estimated using online resources. It is important to have an updated certified appraisal of your items. A replacement value is the value of your items plus their weight multiplied by $8.00. It is a good idea for you to have a copy of the contract.

In some instances, moving companies can extend the value of your belongings by paying the value per pound. The value of 10,000 pounds worth of household goods would be $60000. The maximum payout for moving companies is $60,000. The payout would be small compared to the actual value of your items.

How to file a claim

It is important to understand how to file a claim if a moving company damages or loses your belongings. Your claim will help you get reimbursed for damaged or missing items. Before filing a claim, you should document the missing or damaged items. Document the monetary value of any items if possible. If the company refuses to pay for the damages, they may offer replacement items.

The moving company will send a representative out to assess the damage. If the company fails to do so, the claim may be denied. The moving company should provide you with the paperwork necessary for filing a claim. Some companies even offer an electronic claim form.

How to avoid a loss

A moving inventory is a great way to prevent losing valuable items. Some companies will offer a moving inventory app, but if you are not a tech whiz, a written list or simple spreadsheet will do the trick. Even small items can get misplaced.

In the event that an item is damaged during the move, it is important to report the damage to the moving company in writing. Include a copy the bill of lading along with enough details to identify the item. It is also a good idea to take pictures of your possessions before and after the move.

Moving insurance is another way to avoid losing your belongings when you move with movers. This will reimburse you if your items are damaged or lost in transit. It is important to inspect your belongings upon arrival. Many people sign for items without ever seeing them. Always check your items and never sign a contract hurriedly, because this will make it difficult to file a claim.

How to protect your valuables

You can protect your valuables during a move by purchasing moving insurance. It will cover your valuables in case of damage or loss and will take away some of the stress associated with moving. Also, if you have valuable jewelry, place it in a safe deposit box or a secured storage facility.

It's not unusual for movers to lose things in transit. However, if you're able to find them, you can claim the loss. If you hired a moving company, it is advisable to check their insurance policy. You may be eligible for financial compensation or other benefits.

Another way to protect your belongings is by marking the boxes with the contents. A note can be left on each box to warn unprofessional movers. It is easy to open and rearrange moving boxes, making them prime targets for theft.