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U-Pack Review

U-Pack is a moving company that offers a quote service for moving your possessions. Unlike other companies, they can give you a quote right away without a walk-through. However, you have to be aware that this quote service does not offer quotes for local moves within 200 miles of your home. You can also book a move online, or call in with a quote number and schedule a pickup date. long distance movers for hire

U-Pack is owned by ABF, the giant freight shipping company, and they have helped more than one million families move since 1997. This makes them a good choice for long distance moves. Their easy-to-use website has a variety of convenient online features. They also have transparent pricing. They offer quotes instantly, which makes it easy to know how much it will cost to move your possessions. They also have several different sizes of moving trailers, including small “Relocubes” and large moving trailers.

Customer reviews for U-Pack are generally positive. They have high BBB ratings, and customer service is top-notch. U-Pack is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which indicates that the company proactively responds to complaints. Customers also like the flexibility of their service, which allows them to reschedule their move without incurring any fees and keep the same pricing. The company is a popular choice for moving, and many customers have been satisfied with the results.

U-Pack specializes in long-distance moves. While it does not provide unloading or loading services, you will pay for the space you occupy, and you'll be charged according to the space you use. The company offers a variety of moving options, including storing your items in a secure warehouse and guaranteed transit. If you need help packing and moving, their consultants are ready to help. Their consultants are willing to help and guide you through the entire process.

To get a free quote, go to the U-Pack website and enter your moving details. You can even speak with an agent and work out details. Once the move is complete, you'll be billed for the cost of the shipping and packaging. If you don't need a trailer for a full house, you can rent a ReloCube container. This container is large enough to fit one room of furniture. A ReloCube container can be rented for a number of moves. You'll have three days to pack and unload the container.

While U-Pack does offer a guarantee against damage and loss while in transit, it has some limitations, including a lack of scheduling assistance. Although its customer service is praised by users, it has received mixed ratings from third-party review sites. The Better Business Bureau community rates U-Pack favorably, while Trustpilot users are less impressed. U-Pack offers nationwide delivery and a satisfaction guarantee. You can also find out more information by visiting the website.