Tips For Complaining When Movers Break Furniture

Hiring movers is an efficient way to move, but you have the right to complain if you break your furniture during the process. You can also ask for a replacement or a refund if the movers broke an item during the move. However, remember that this process can be stressful and costly, so it is always better to avoid movers who break your furniture to ensure you don't lose any money. Listed below are some tips for complaining when movers break your furniture. best moving company local instant moving quotes packing moving

Photos are crucial to proving moving damage claims. Photos of the damaged items should be taken to show the extent of the damage. Even if a scratch or a nick is small, you should still report the damage to the moving company. Otherwise, you may end up being left out of the picture, which is not very convincing. Also, make sure to store the photos in a safe place so that you can refer to them later.

Moreover, if you are paying for a moving company's service, you should also inspect the movers' vehicles. A company will send a representative to inspect the property after the move to determine whether there are any damages. It is best to request a replacement for any damaged items while negotiating with the moving company. Often, the company will be willing to compensate up to $50 for broken items. However, it is important to note that you will not receive any reimbursement if you do not take pictures with you.

A mover will disassemble large pieces of furniture, but most of the time they will not break anything. Large dining room tables may be disassembled in order to fit through the doorway. Other items, like bookcases and bureaus, will require disassembling. If you have furniture with glass shelves, these should be removed separately and sealed. Likewise, you should be aware that movers will disassemble glass shelves on some pieces of furniture, so be sure to check beforehand if you want them disassembled.

Despite the best intentions of the movers, there are still chances that your furniture will be damaged during the move. Whether it is broken or not, a damage report will help you determine if you can claim compensation for damages later. Remember, moving is stressful. Don't let the movers break expensive items, glassware, and expensive electronics. A thorough inspection of your furniture will prevent you from being left liable for the damage.

The best way to protect your furniture during a move is to take photos. Damage is more likely to occur with large items like a television, dresser, dining room table, or oversized sofa. It's a good idea to take pictures the night before the move, and on the day of the move, so you'll have proof of the damage before the actual move. You'll be surprised at the cost savings you can make when movers take good care of your items.