The Ultimate Guide to Renting a PODS Moving Container: Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning a move and looking for a convenient and flexible solution to your moving and storage needs? Look no further than renting a PODS moving container. With their popularity on the rise, having all the information you need before making this choice is important. 

This comprehensive guide will cover everything from the benefits of using a PODS container to tips for a seamless moving and storage experience. So, if you're ready to make your move stress-free and efficient, keep reading to discover all the essential information you need before renting a PODS moving container.

What You Should Know Before Renting A PODS Moving Container

Renting a PODS moving container is a great option for your next move. You'll save a lot of money if you hire a moving company. Renting a portable moving box from PODS to move interstate will only cost you one-fourth of the price of a full-service moving company. It also provides a safe way to store your belongings temporarily. This article briefly overviews how popular moving container brands PODS work, their cost, and available sizes. First, let's go over the basics.

What are PODS?

The “PODS” brand stands for “Portable On Demand storage” and has been a well-established company in the U.S. since the 1990s. They are steel box crates with weather-resistant and impact-resistant siding that can be rolled up and keyed. Once you have packed your PODS, the moving company will move it for you. They offer both local and distance moving services. Whether you are a home user or a business, the moving service provider will move your PODS rental for you once it is packed. They provide relocation services for both local and long-distance moves.

Advantages of Renting PODS for Moving & Storage

Here's a list of the benefits that renting a container from PODS can bring to your moving or storage needs:

  • Cost-effective
  • You can also Secure
  • Stay on schedule/timetable without incurring overage charges.
  • Easy loading/unloading
  • You don't need to drive, rent or load a big truck to transport your items.

The steel-framed container, weather-resistant panels, and ease of loading make PODS a popular option for people moving or needing storage. Each PODS container has a steel locking latch, a lock, and ties for safety. PODS claims its containers can withstand winds up to 110 mph.

The Process of Renting a PODS Container 

It is easy to rent a PODS container. Here's the general process.

1. How Long Will You Be Using It, and for What?

First, you must decide whether your possessions will be stored or moved. It would help if you decided whether to store your PODS container at home or a storage center.

Decide how long you will need the PODS.

2. Select the Delivery Date, Location, and Container Size

You must select a date, a location, and a size for storage and moving.

3. Load the Pods Container Upon Delivery

The company will deliver a PODS container to your door after you have reserved one or more. Then, you can load your items into the container at any pace. This can be done by yourself or with the help of family and friends.

4. Pickup & Delivery to Destination

When you are ready, PODS will collect the container and deliver it either to the storage unit or the destination of your move.

What Renting A PODS Container Costs

Renting PODS to Move

So how much do PODS cost? The size, duration, and number of miles of your move determine the price of moving using a PODS container. The company says that PODS prices will vary depending on where you are moving. The cost of long-distance moves starts at $800 but varies depending on how far you are moving and the number of months you require. Local moves are typically cheaper, according to PODS. You'll spend less on PODS than with full-service moving companies.

Renting Storage Containers

Customers can store PODS containers on their property or at an official storage facility. According to the company's website, monthly rates for storing PODS containers on your property can start at $110 for a 12-footer and $120 for a 16-footer. Monthly rental costs fluctuate depending on location, container availability, and storage period.

Sizes of PODS Storage & Moving Containers

PODS has three sizes of containers for both personal and business storage and moving.

7-Foot Container

The 7-ft. PODS container measures approximately 7'x7″x8″. The PODS 7-ft. container is designed for “small volume moving and storage” and is often used as a storage container or shipping container for studio and apartment moves. The container has 385 cubic feet for packing and can fit a full room's furniture. PODS says the 7-ft. container is equivalent to a 10-ft. rental truck.

The PODS website lists several popular uses for the container, including:

  • Studio apartment moves
  • Smaller dwelling moves
  • College Student Moving
  • Estate moving
  • Move items to a Second Home.
  • Bathroom remodels, and small remodeling projects can benefit from temporary storage.

This container is also available in Canada and the U.S. for local moves. This container is also available at many PODS locations for local storage and moving.

12-Foot Container

The PODS 12ft container measures approximately 12'x 8'x 8′. According to PODS, the container is “the perfect solution for moving a house or apartment with two or more rooms.” The container's interior offers 689 cubic feet of packing space, which is equivalent to the size of a 15-foot-long rental truck.

The PODS website lists several popular uses for the container, including:

  • Move homes with 2 to 3 rooms.
  • Larger apartment moves
  • Relocation of Office
  • Renovation and remodeling of your home

Most PODS locations offer a 12-ft container that can be used only for local moving and storage.

16-Foot Container

The PODS 16 ft. container measures approximately 16'x8″x8″. The container is PODS' largest option. It is “a popular choice for moving homes with three or more rooms,” according to the company. The container has 857 cubic feet for packing. PODS claims the 16-ft. container is equivalent to a 20-foot-long rental truck.

The PODS website lists several popular uses for the container, including:

  • Move to a home with 3-4 bedrooms.
  • Relocation of offices
  • Renovations and large home improvements

This container size is also available for local moving and storage in most PODS locations. This container size is also available in PODS for local storage and moving.

How to Order a PODS Container

Be sure to plan before ordering a PODS container. Estimate what you will need, the time you will need it, and your final destination. Use the tips below for a smoother PODS move.

  • Plan your PODS container pickup and drop-off at least one week in advance, particularly during busy moving months.
  • Overestimate how much space you will need. Go bigger if you have to. Get a second PODS container.
  • Instead of cardboard boxes that can crush or break, use plastic bins instead.
  • Prepare the packing and moving supplies that you will need. These include boxes, moving blankets (or sheets), tape, scissors or Sharpies, a moving dolly, packing papers, bungee ropes or cords, etc.
  • Meet the driver at home during pickup and drop-off to ensure the POD is where you want it. You can also ask questions and ensure the lock works.

How to Pack a Pods Container

It's no different from packing a moving van, except packing a PODS is much easier because the container is ground-level. Also, it's important to distribute the weight evenly. It is better to spread heavy items and large furniture than group them.

Packing important items that you will need sooner or later in the container is a good idea. This allows you to access them more quickly and easily once you arrive at your new home. Prioritize your mattress, pillows, bathroom essentials, clothes, and desk items.

If they are misplaced or destroyed, keep crucial papers like birth certificates, passports, and car titles on you rather than packing them inside the PODS container.


Renting a PODS moving container is a cost-effective and efficient solution for your moving and storage needs. With flexible delivery options, weather-resistant containers, and easy loading/unloading, PODS offers convenience and peace of mind during the moving process. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free experience when renting a PODS container.

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Can PODS be used to move?

Moving long distances or locally can be easier and less stressful using PODS portable storage units.

How much can be packed into a pod or a crate?

The 16-foot container from PODS is the largest and most common size. It can hold up to 1,200 sq. ft. of contents. Fits the contents of a small apartment (3-4 rooms) or a 1-2 bedroom apartment. This is a practical solution to temporary storage for moving.

What cannot be transported by PODS?

Hazardous Materials, such as hazardous chemicals, liquids or substances, waste, motorized vehicles, lawnmowers, and other illegal items, cannot be put in a PODS container.

What happens if the pod is too heavy?

What happens when a POD container is too heavy? You may have to remove certain items if your PODS container weighs too much. The PODS containers must be a suitable weight to use the PODZILLA tool and transport on trucks.

Can PODS be used for long-distance moving?

The PODS are a great option for long-distance moves, as you can pack all your household items in one container. This will give you more space in your vehicle to store your plants safely. Learn how to move your plants safely.