PODS Moving Storage

Have you ever wondered how the movers at PODS move their customers' furniture and other belongings? This company, which was founded in 1998 and is based in Clearwater, Florida, offers convenient moving storage. They use containers that can be transported to the site of destination, and deliver them at a pre-arranged time. Whether you need to store a small item or a large one, you'll be able to find a storage container in a matter of hours. aarp long distance movers

When packing a PODS container, start at the front and work your way out. It's similar to packing for a moving truck, except the weight is more evenly distributed. Heavy items, like large furniture, should be packed towards the front. This will make them easier to access when you arrive at your new address. Prioritize bedding and blankets at the front of the container. Also, pack bathroom and desk necessities first. It's important to consider all your belongings and decide what is the most important.

Consider hiring a full-service moving company to handle the heavy lifting. Moving companies provide great value and convenience, but if you're going to be doing most of the work yourself, you may want to save some money and choose a self-managed storage solution. In these cases, PODS moving containers are a great way to move without having to deal with a full-service company. They're easy to schedule and make your home more presentable.

If you're planning a long-distance move, PODS moving containers are an excellent solution. These containers are similar to U-Pack, but they're steel-framed and weather-resistant, and are perfect for moving long distances. Additionally, PODS provides packing services and moving services. You'll be able to move across the country, while enjoying the peace of mind that PODS offers. PODS moving storage can also help you move to your new home or office.

PODS has branches in 46 states, and the company also offers exclusive services to metro areas. Customers can load a steel-framed container themselves, or hire a third-party company to do it for them. Its drivers stay on-site throughout loading, and it takes care of local permits and HOA requirements for you. Then, you can rent a container for a month or request that it be moved to your new location.

PODS offers three sizes of moving containers. One size is eight feet wide by eight feet long and is comparable to a fifteen-foot rental truck. The larger containers can accommodate two or three rooms, and the smaller ones can fit as much as two or three rooms of furniture. For long-distance moves, however, you'll need to rent multiple storage containers. To find the best option, you may want to ask friends or real estate agents for recommendations.

PODS charges $110 per month for local moves. You can choose between the 12 foot container and the 16 foot container, depending on the distance and time you're moving. PODS also offers a 10% military discount and other special offers to keep their customers happy. If you need to store items for a short time, PODS may be the perfect solution for you. The containers are available for personal and business moves, as well as short-term storage.