Negotiating With a Moving Helper Company

a moving helper company gave mikeWhen you negotiate with a moving company, it is important to determine the hourly rates for loading/unloading and packing/unpacking. Once you know how much you will pay per hour, you can get estimates.

How to determine hourly rates for loading/unloading and packing / unpacking

Several factors will affect the hourly rates charged by a moving helper company. One of the most important factors is the total weight of possessions. Professional packers must ensure that all belongings will fit into a truck, which usually has a weight limit of 10,000 pounds. Packers charge $25-40 per hour depending on how many possessions they pack. If the move involves multiple packers, the moving company may offer discounts on the hourly rate.

Calculating hourly rates

Before you decide to hire a moving company, you should determine the cost of the job. There are two general ways to determine costs: hourly rates and flat-rate pricing. Hourly rates are easy and are determined based on the number and length of the job. Flat-rate pricing can be cheaper than hourly rates but you need to consider the additional costs of marketing and state tariffs.

Local moves are usually charged at a lower rate if the new home is within close proximity to the old one. These types of moves can cost anywhere from $25 to $50 an hour. Another popular method for determining moving costs is based on the number of bedrooms in the new place. Each additional bedroom requires one more mover. Two movers are required to move a large house. The hourly rate for this could be $100 per hour.

Getting estimates

It is important to get estimates from several moving companies if you want the best price. Even if you are moving across town, it is important to get estimates from several companies. The best way to make sure that you're paying a reasonable rate is to ask for a moving quote that outlines the amount of time and materials it will take to move all your items. This will help you avoid overpaying or being left holding the bag if it takes longer than you expected.

Compare the costs of at least three moving estimates. Long-distance and local movers generally charge by the hour, or by the weight of your items. Cross-country movers can also be hired to move your items over long distances. This may take up to one day. Some cross-country movers may require an in-person visit to your home in order to give you an accurate quote.