Is a Moving Company a Service Or Goods?

If you need to move your household goods from one location to another, you should know whether you are paying for a service or goods. Moving companies must determine the weight of your shipment before calculating your final charge. Some moving companies have minimum charges for moving shipments weighing over 3,000 pounds or 1,362 kilograms. In such cases, it is best to get a free estimate to ensure that you will not be charged more than you agreed to pay for the move. long distance form moving company

When choosing a moving company, you should find out whether they accept payment by credit card, charge card, or cash. Some moving companies do not allow credit cards, and they require that you pay in cash equivalents before loading your goods. Generally, a moving company will offer several options for payment and service. A moving company may also accept a credit card, a charge card, or even your own money.

A moving contract should include the name of the mover and the motor carrier issuing the bill of lading. It should also include any other motor carriers and contact information for the mover. Moreover, it should also include the agreed-upon pickup and delivery dates, guaranteed dates, and per diem requirements. If the mover does not offer guaranteed pickup and delivery dates, you can also ask them to provide the names of other motor carriers that you may contact in case of any dispute.

While moving companies must assume liability for the goods that they transport, you should always ask if they have any additional insurance. Some moving companies offer different levels of protection, so it is important to find out what insurance options they offer and how much it will cost you. You can also ask for a copy of their tariffs if you want to be sure. And remember that if you have a complaint, the mover must respond promptly.

If you are hiring a moving company, the company should give you an estimate and a written agreement detailing the charges. The quote must describe the full shipment and all services provided. If the mover charges more than you agreed to, you must defer payment for 30 days until the entire shipment has been delivered. Then you must agree to pay the excess amount when you receive the delivery. In such cases, you should ask the company for a written estimate for your protection.

Another type of moving service is the shuttle service. These companies send a shuttle vehicle to a particular residence. However, they do not usually reassemble the items they move. This service is only available if you are moving out of a state where the line-haul vehicles cannot access the residence. For more information on the different types of service, visit the FMCSA website. This will provide you with a list of companies that can help you move.

If you are interested in starting a moving company, you should brainstorm what type of service you would like to offer. There are as many moving companies as there are different people. Consider starting a local moving company, for example, which serves customers within a city or area. Then you can expand your service to include long distance moves and cross-country moves. Whatever type you choose, you will want to make sure that you know what your customers will expect from you.