How to Pack Artwork and Pictures For Moving

You will probably be wondering how to pack artwork and pictures for moving. The key is to protect them as much as possible, but there are several ways to accomplish this. Using bubble wrap is an excellent way to protect artwork during the move. Adding wadded newspaper to the bottom of the box will help keep it from shifting during transit. You can also use kraft paper or other packing materials to protect your artwork. Regardless of what type of artwork you have, it is essential to use the proper methods for packing. local movers website

When packing framed art, make sure you use a sturdy box that fits the piece of art. A flat picture box is a great choice for protecting framed artwork. Use a box slightly larger than the art piece itself. Padding the sides of the box can prevent it from bouncing around during the move. Use plastic wrap to further secure the pieces of art. Depending on the artwork, you may also want to consider placing them in a flat picture box.

If your art is fragile, you might want to pack it separately. A simple approach is to fold or roll multiple pieces of cardboard in the same size as the frame. If the artwork is too large, use a specialty box designed for this purpose. You can also purchase one at a moving supply store or from a truck rental agency. Alternatively, you can flatten an old box and use it as a specialty box. Remember to use a sturdy box to pack your art, and remember to wrap it in wrapping paper to avoid damaging its surface or any features. This will help you pack large pictures more easily.

When packing art, it is important to label it and seal it well. Labeling your artwork is important to prevent any damage during the move, as long distance movers will not place anything on fragile items. Artwork that is not protected by glass is also highly susceptible to friction. If you are moving art long distance, you should make sure that the movers know about this by writing it on the inventory list. It is also a good idea to write a brief description of the piece of art and the room in which it will hang.

Lastly, you should consider whether to pack artwork and pictures yourself or hire a moving company. A self-packing service may be appropriate for a single piece of artwork, but you should consider the damage of expensive framed pieces. In this case, a professional moving company will be able to pack the item for you and ensure it is protected throughout the entire move. In the end, it will make the move go as smoothly as possible.

Before packing artwork and pictures for moving, consider protecting the face of the paintings. You can cover the front of the picture with a layer of cardboard. Use packing tape to secure the edges. Using two layers of paper will protect the picture from damage. When packing framed paintings, you should also protect the sides of the frames. Using protective tape can also help prevent glass pieces from breaking. You should also use padded packing paper to protect the canvas.