How to Find Out If a Moving Company Will Disassemble Furniture Before Moving

will a moving company disassemble furniture

There are many ways to determine if a moving company will disassemble furniture before you move. Some companies will disassemble some items for free, while others may charge you extra. Some furniture may require extra time, such IKEA or pressboard furniture. Moving companies may charge additional for the disassembly or re-assembly. In these cases, it is a good idea to ask your mover for a waiver.

Taking furniture apart before moving

Disassembling furniture before moving can be tedious, so it's a good idea to label the parts so you'll know which pieces go together. A baggie is a good idea for small parts. Reassembling furniture is easier if you have a bag that has a label with the name of the furniture.

Moving furniture can be made easier by taking it apart before you move. This will help reduce the risk of any damage. This process is best done before the moving truck arrives. This process can take time and you should be prepared with the right tools and extra hands. Moreover, it's important to take note of all hardware and screws before moving furniture.

It is important to measure the furniture before you move it. This will ensure that it can be transported safely. Measurements will help you decide if you need to disassemble or leave the furniture intact. It will also help you determine the size and space that the furniture will take up in your new home.

Common furniture items that need disassembly

Disassembling large pieces of furniture can be a hassle. They can be difficult to move and can be too big to fit through narrow corridors or elevators. For these reasons, it is often necessary to disassemble the furniture before moving it. This will make it easier for you to transport and reduce the chance of injury.

First, you will need to acquire the right tools. Most furniture pieces are put together with screws, bolts, and nuts. Different furniture types require different sizes of bolts and screws. To loosen the screws, use a small hammer if you can. Be careful as a hammer could easily cause damage to furniture.

Selecting a moving company

When selecting a moving company that will disassemble your furniture, make sure they have proper training. A novice should not be trusted with delicate furniture. If you choose a company with a low training level, they could cause further damage. Also, make sure they have the right insurance for your move. Ask for proof.

You should also ask them about the cost of this service. You may be charged an additional fee if you have more fragile or large furniture. However, it is often necessary to disassemble larger pieces of furniture to ensure their safe transportation. A moving guide can be used to help you determine the cost of your move.

Choose a moving company that disassembles furniture

Moving is an expensive undertaking, and a company that disassembles furniture can help minimize the total cost. Professional moving companies have the expertise and tools to safely transport large, heavy items without damaging them. However, a few considerations must be made before hiring a moving company to dismantle your furniture.

Ask about any additional charges for disassembly. The cost of disassembling furniture will vary depending on what type you have. This is because large or delicate furniture may require extra care.

Once your furniture has been disassembled by the moving company, you can begin packing. If you are moving across the country, or long distances, you might want to disassemble the furniture yourself. In addition to disassembling the pieces, you'll need to reassemble them once the move is complete. Although this is not a time-consuming job for a moving company it can be quite frustrating.

Cost of hiring a moving company

The cost of hiring a professional moving company to disassemble furniture varies depending on its size and weight. Heavy furniture may require additional labor and disassembly fees, which may increase the overall cost of the move. Additional fees may be charged by some moving companies for heavy items like pianos or pool tables.

The average cost of hiring a moving company to disassemble and pack your furniture is around $170. The cost may rise to nearly $2,200 if you need to ship your piano or other specialty items to your new home. The weight and fragility of your belongings will affect the price. If your furniture is especially fragile, it will need special care during the move. Hiring a moving company to disassemble and pack it will save you the hassle of disassembling and reassembling it yourself.