How much does it cost to move to New Rochelle?

How Much Does it Cost to Move to New Rochelle?

If you're wondering, “How much does it cost to live in New Rochelle?” then you're not alone. The median income in New Rochelle is $118,750, which is just over $2,700 a month. But before you move, make sure you understand the average housing cost in New Rochelle. Listed below are some other cost considerations for those who are moving to New Rochelle. cheapest cross country moving company

A single-family home in New Rochelle will cost approximately $3,500, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Depending on the size of your home, the cost of moving to New Rochelle can vary wildly. A single-family home may cost as little as $600, but a four-bedroom house can easily run you $2,600. For more details on moving costs in New Rochelle, visit ERI's Geographic Assessor software.

The average electric bill in New Rochelle, NY is $240 per month. That's 55% more than the national average. The average rate is 26 cents per kilowatt-hour. New Rochelle residents use 914 kWh of electricity per month, or 10,968 kWh annually. Those figures aren't far off from the national average. But, while New Rochelle's average electricity bill isn't too shabby, it is still much higher than the national average.

What is the median income in New Rochelle? New Rochelle has a median income of $81,311 per household. New Rochelle residents typically own one car. Twenty-three percent of households in New Rochelle have two cars, and 14.1% own three or more. A majority of New Rochelle households are dual income, with the wife and mother earning more than half of the household income.