How Much Do Local Movers Cost?

When hiring a local moving company, the final cost will depend on your individual circumstances, such as how large your home is, and how much personal property you have. If you have large, bulky items or obstacles, you should expect a higher cost than if you have a smaller home. Some companies will charge you extra if they need to park further away than their usual parking area. Make sure to ask about any extra fees before hiring a moving company. local shipping companies

If you decide to move locally, the cost will likely be half or less than the price of moving long distance. You'll need to factor in vehicle insurance, gas, road tolls, and parking fees. Depending on the size of your home, a studio apartment will cost between $150 and $200, while a two-bedroom house will cost around $375 to $450. Local movers charge by the hour, so you can choose to tip one or more of the crew members.

Most local movers charge on an hourly basis. For three to ten hours, their hourly rate ranges from $60 to $120. Some charge even more, up to $300 an hour. The hourly rate increases significantly during hotter months, but it's best to plan ahead to avoid any unexpected expenses. A minimum charge of two or three hours is also common. The minimum charge is sufficient to cover the expenses of the movers.

When hiring local movers, you can choose to pay per hour or by the weight of your belongings. A two-man crew, for example, can cost $110 to $140 per hour. However, moving labor alone can cost $80 to $90-$100 an hour. However, this rate is not reflective of the actual cost of packing and unpacking. In addition, a local move may be a good option if you're moving within the same city or town.