How Much Do Local Movers Cost?

How much do local movers charge? The answer largely depends on the length of the move and the amount of items you need moved. Some companies charge hourly rates, while others offer flat rates. The hourly rate is multiplied by the number of movers to come up with a final estimate. Regardless of the rate, local moves typically fall within the price range of a local moving company. Listed below are factors to consider when hiring a mover. packers and movers local costs

Whether you hire a local moving company or pack your own things, the price of a move will vary. Local moves under 50 miles can cost between $400 and $600, while long-distance moves can cost up to $4,300. Moving costs will depend on the type of truck and the number of belongings you want moved, as well as the amount of packing materials you need. If you do decide to hire movers, make sure you find out how much they charge per bedroom.

The hourly rate of a local moving company is generally between $25 and $50 per mover. For a two-person moving team to move two bedrooms, the price will be between $200 and $400. Additional expenses can include materials, gas, and transportation fees. The table below lists the average cost of a local move for a three-bedroom home. If you'd like to hire a mover for a longer move, it might be worth asking for a free estimate.

When you plan to move, try to move mid-month or mid-week. The days of the week with the least demand are typically the most affordable. If you're able to miss work, consider moving on a weekday instead of a weekend. The first and last weekends of the month are typically the busiest for movers. If you're not on a lease, try to move in the middle of the month.

Long-distance moves can cost anywhere from $600 to $10,000. The price depends on the weight of your belongings, the distance, and how much packing you need to complete. Other factors that determine the price of long-distance moves include gas, distance traveled, and specialty services. For example, if you're planning a move over 50 miles, you'll pay between $491 and $1,516. You'll also need to book your move at least four hours in advance.