How Fast Are Local Groups Moving Apart?

How fast are local groups moving apart? This question has been haunting scientists for decades. Some believe that the Milky Way is driving the separation, while others are certain that this is not the case. In reality, there's no such evidence. But we know that the Milky Way is moving, and so do many of its neighbour galaxies. It's not just the Milky Way, either; the Local Group includes about 50 or 60 dwarf galaxies. out of state local movers

We live in the Milky Way, which belongs to the Local Group. This group consists of 85 gravitationally bound galaxies. Most of them are quite small, with the exception of the Andromeda galaxy, which is rapidly approaching our Milky Way. Both of these galaxies exhibit a characteristic called blueshift, and it is possible that they will eventually merge. Nevertheless, it is too early to tell whether they will merge or continue to move apart.