What You Should Know About Wilmot Woods, New Hampshire


Wilmot Woods

You should learn about Wilmot Woods before you buy a home. The demographics of the neighborhood can give you a good idea of how safe and friendly the area is. 95% of the town’s homes are owned. The area’s school district is ranked #8 in the state of Florida. Its proximity to the city makes it great for families with children. You can also choose an area with lower property prices if you don’t want to live near a high-priced school.

Historic landmarks

Wilmot Woods is a great place to go if you’re looking to do something in New Hampshire. The Belmont Bandstand was built in 1908 during the height of the local brass band’s popularity. It is made of recycled timbers taken from local meeting houses and serves as a landmark in the area. Historic sites in Wilmot Woods include the George Washington Noyes House, which is an outstanding example of Queen Anne architecture. After a fire in Gorham, Massachusetts, in 1879, the house was built. George Washington Noyes was a career railroad man and master engineer, who purchased the property in the 1870s and built it in 1884.

Neighborhood amenities

In 1937, Haring & Blumethal designed Wilmot Woods, a residential community in Eastchester, NY. The streets of Wilmot Woods are named after settlers and were modeled after early New England villages. Lather’s Hill, the community built by Alexander Jackson Davis, is one of the neighborhoods within Wilmot Woods. There are many outdoor recreational activities available in this neighborhood. Residents can even go ice skating on the lake!

It is also important to consider the location of the neighborhood. A Wilmot Woods house must not look the same as any other in the area. Moreover, it should have enough parking space, as a garage may not be sufficient. You can also identify desirable neighbors by maintaining a healthy neighborhood. In addition, you can take advantage of nearby amenities and local businesses. You may have trouble finding Wilmot Woods a new home if your neighbors are rude and unfriendly.

The neighborhood is close to public transportation. The New Rochelle Metro North station, which is located only ten minutes away, is just five minutes away. To commute to Manhattan, the Bee-line bus service can be used. Residents of Wilmot Woods enjoy easy access to I-95 and Hutchinson River Parkway, which allow them to get to almost anywhere in New York City within an hour or so.

Residents of Quaker Ridge, Wilmot Woods are home to a wide range of ethnicities and races. Most residents of Wilmot Woods / Quaker Ridge speak English and Spanish, though there is a significant percentage of German or Yiddish speakers. Some Boston neighborhoods even have residents who speak both Yiddish or German at home. The culture and the food that is served in a neighborhood will define it.

School district

Whether you’re buying a home for yourself or your children, the school district in Wilmot Woods is a major consideration when choosing a home. The neighborhood’s walk score can also influence the quality of the district. This is a measure of how close you are to amenities and other places. A neighborhood with a walk score of 85 and more is considered well-maintained. It can also give you an idea of the types of neighbors you’ll be living with.

The Wilmot Woods neighborhood is well-connected to public transportation. Scarsdale Metro North Station, which is just five minutes away, is within easy reach. Residents can also take a Beeline bus stop to access New York City. Residents also have convenient access to I-95, Hutchinson River Parkway, and a variety of bus routes. Although the district’s schools are part ot the New Rochelle School District there are many private schools available for families.

The quality of a neighborhood’s neighborhood is affected by its demographics. This can affect how safe the neighborhood feels. While 95% of homes are owner-occupied in Wilmot Woods, this doesn’t mean that the quality of life is high. Some home buyers prefer to be able to walk to work or shop, while others prefer to live in quiet suburbia. Others value peace and quiet, but they are happy to drive for a reasonable time.

The median real estate price in Wilmot Woods/Quaker Ridge is $810,116, which is higher than the median price of ninety-seven percent of U.S. neighborhoods. The median rent in Wilmot woods/Quaker Ridge was $5,706, which is more than the average rent in other New York areas. The school district serves about five hundred children, excluding the high-school students, and is primarily white.

Schools in Wilmot woods

The schools in Wilmot woods could be a great choice for a new parent. This community is located in the heart Aurora, Colorado. It is well-known for its innovative learning tools, and emphasis on community. Wilmot Woods is home to 95% of its residents, despite the large population. Parents will appreciate that most teachers live close to their homes, and students will feel the same small-town atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking for private schools in New Rochelle or public schools, Wilmot Woods is a great option for your family. This community is also conveniently located near public transportation. The Bee-line connects residents to New York City in just 30 minutes. The schools in Wilmot Woods are in the New Rochelle School District. The Wilmot Woods school district is recognized as one of the best in the area.

Aside from the schools, other important factors to consider are the neighborhood. You want a place with a variety of houses and plenty of parking. You’ll also want to find houses with parking spaces, because some neighborhoods have full garages. If possible, check out the neighborhood’s maintenance to make sure you’ll have neighbors who won’t be noisy or unfriendly.

Wilmot Woods/Quaker Ridge homes are mainly single-family homes. The neighborhood’s owner-occupied real estate represents a higher percentage of the neighborhood’s overall real estate value than 95.8% of all other neighborhoods in the nation. The median price for a home in this community is $810,116. The average rent for a home in Wilmot Woods/Quaker Ridge is $5,706, which is significantly higher than 99.5% of other neighborhoods in the city and the nation.

Average home price

Wilmot Woods’ average home price is $688,000 and that’s just within the city. However, there are some things to consider before buying a home in the area. First, make sure you have a good internet connection. Wilmot Woods, New Rochelle offers broadband Internet services through 8 different providers. Depending on your needs, you can choose between DOCSIS powered by Cablevision and optic fiber, which provides speeds up to Gbps. Noise levels are also important as they correlate with walk scores.

The Wilmot Woods neighborhood consists mostly of single-family homes. It has a higher proportion of owner-occupied real property than 95.8% of the other neighborhoods in the country. You’ll also find a wide range of real estate options in Wilmot Woods. These include townhouses and condominiums. If you’re looking for a larger property, Wilmot Woods, Scarsdale, NY, offers commercial real estate.

The area’s amenities are important, too. You may want to consider walking distance to nearby shops and restaurants. Many things can be found within walking distance in a neighborhood with a high Walk Score. These amenities can improve your quality life and reduce your overall cost of living. Consider the schools if you plan to raise your children in Wilmot woods. Don’t let the average home price in your neighborhood stop you from building your dream home.